着物レンタルの流れ・・・(^▽^)/          The flow of renting a Kimono 和服出租流动 렌탈이 떠내려 가라

2017-03-24 13:37:00

The flow of renting a Kimono
Until return of the day's-> reservation-> dressing-> going out-> kimono.
Read a wish about cancellation about rental flow and return, and please make a reservation so that the customer who rents a kimono and a yukata for the first time can use it surely, too.
1  Your reservation.
  I'm recommending you preliminary reservation in order to experience a customer comfortably. Please inform of the request date and time in the web reservation form or the telephone. It's even possible to finish choice of a kimono and a yukata and pay by card by reservation by a web. When there is a space even on the day, it's possible to make a reservation on the day! When coming around here, please drop in by all means! 080-4454- (5426) is from this for reservation by telephone. Further a question by telephone is receiving only Japanese. Please accept it beforehand. I'll recommend you the reservation you advance as much as possible because the kimono with the same pattern is few.

2  Coming.
  The coming you advance more slightly than the reserved time, please. There is nothing to have have it in particular, so please come empty-handed. For one's own confirmation, presentation of the ID (the passport and credit card) is needed.
3  Help her dress.
  After a reception, dressing will start right away. It's about about 30 minutes for one person until dressing completion. Attention! While helping her dress, you can't go to the restroom. Please finish before dressing.
4  Photography.
  After putting on a favorite kimono, how about a commemorative photograph by kabuki tools in the store? When you'd consent to our home page, a blog and carrying to SNS, the kabuki tools use is free! Please take a picture with the camera a customer has.
6  To going out start (^o^)/a neighborhood tourist facility.
  To past and present of Osaka living house" for 3 minutes on foot! I'll introduce staff's other recommendation spots and tourist spots! A store will keep the baggage besides the valuables.
7 come back in my shop_(._.)_
Please return a kimono in the return time. When return time is delayed, a delinquent charge of 1000 yen (without tax) is received separately.

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1 预约



2 光临




3 穿惯








6 外出开始\向(^o^)/近邻旅游设施




请7 返回_(._.)_






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렌탈이 떠내려 가라
예약→당일→옷→매무새나가→ 기모노의반환까지
처음으로 기모노·유카타를 렌탈하는 고객에게도 안심하고 이용하실 수 있게, 렌탈의 흐름이나 반환에 대해서, 취소에 관한 부탁마다등을 읽어 받아 예약해 주세요.

1 예약
  고객이 쾌적하게체험해줄수있도록사전의예약을추천하고있습니다. Web예약 폼인가, 전화에서희망일시를연락해주세요. Web에서의 예약에서는,기모노·유카타의선택, 카드결제까지끝마치는것이가능합니다.당일이라도비어있으면당일예약가능!근처에행차의즈음은꼭들러주세요! 전화에서의예약은(080-4454-5426) 이쪽으로부터.한편, 전화에서의문의는일본어만접수하고있습니다.미리양해바랍니다.같은무늬기모노는수가적기때문, 될수있는한좀이른예약을추천하겠습니다.

  예약 시간보다 조금 좀 이른 내점을 부탁합니다. 특히 가져 받는 것은 없으므로 빈손으로 오십시오. 본인님의 확인 때문에, 신분증(여권이나 신용카드 등)의 제시가 필요합니다.

3 옷 매무새
  접수후, 조속히 옷 매무새가 시작됩니다. 옷 매무새 완료까지는 한사람에 대해서 약30분 쯤입니다. 주의!! 옷 매무새의 한창은 화장실에 갈 수 없습니다. 옷 매무새전에 끝마쳐 주세요.

  마음에 드는기모노를입은후는,??점내의가부키소도구로기념사진은어떻습니까본점의홈페이지나블로그, SNS에의 게재를양해줄수있으면,가부키소도구사용은무료입니다!고객이가지고계신카메라로촬영해주세요.

6외출스타트\ (^o^)/이웃관광 시설에
  도보 3분의 「오사카생활의금석관」에!타스탭의추천스팟이나관광명소를소개해드립니다! 귀중품이외의짐은점포에서맡아두겠습니다.

7귀가 세요 _ (. _.) _
기모노는 반환 시간내에 반환을 부탁합니다. 반환 시간이 늦는다고, 연체 요금 1, 000엔 (부가세 별도)을 별도 신청하여 받습니다.



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1 ご予約

  お客様が快適に体験いただけるよう事前のご予約をお勧めしてます。Web予約フォームか、お電話にて希望日時をご連絡ください。Webでのご予約では、着物・浴衣の選択、カード決済まで済ませることが可能です。 当日でも空きがあれば当日ご予約可能!お近くにお越しの際は是非お立ち寄りください!お電話でのご予約は(080-4454-5426)こちらから。尚、お電話でのお問合せは日本語のみ受付しております。あらかじめご了承ください。同じ柄の着物は数が少ないため、なるべくお早めのご予約をおすすめいたします。


2 ご来店




3 お着付け




4 写真撮影




6 お出かけスタート\(^o^)/近隣観光施設へ




7 お帰りなさい_(._.)_